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The purpose of the case studies section is to not only introduce the framework behind Matrix of Change, but also demonstrate how to use the software and it's features. The Matrix of Change is a tool which encourages a systematic approach to change management. This step by step system ensures that the salient points are addressed. This section investigates various different types of business situations and demonstrates how the Matrix of Change can help crystalize the change strategy. This is a step by step approach where at any point you can navigate to the next frame in the case, the previous frame, or back to the Table of Contents to skip ahead. These navigation aids can be found on the left and right of the window respectively. If at any point a feature is being discussed and you would like to know more about the feature or how to use it, follow the link in bold blue letters similar to this -> How does this work? in the text.

*The information and discussion of the UPS case study is based on
eBusiness Transformation: Lessons from the Matrix of Change by Erik Brynjolfsson, James Short and Elaine Lizeo and The Matrix of Change: A Tool for Business Process Reengineering
by Erik Brynjolfsson, Amy Austin Renshaw and Marshall van Alstyne

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