The Process Interchange Format (PIF) Project

PLEASE NOTE: The PIF Project has been merged with the PSL (Process Specification Language) Project at NIST.  The PIF CORE and its extensions have been incorporated into the PSL CORE and its extensions.  This pages and its links are maintained only for the purpose of redirection and archive.  Please look at the PSL site current information.


Critical in Business Process Reengineering or Enterprise Integration is the ability to share and interlink heterogeneous process models. The goal of the PIF (Process Interchange Format) project is to support the exchange of business process models across different formats and schemas. The project pursues this goal by developing PIF (a common translation language that serves as a bridge among heterogeneous process representations), local translators between PIF and local process representations, and a mechanism for extending PIF to accommodate different expressive needs in a modular way (Partially Shared View).

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PIF-Core and the Extension Mechanism

PIF Documents

PIF Workshop '97 Summary

PIF Workshop '96 Summary

Preliminary Scenario Work

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To contact the PIF Working Group, send mail to Jintae Lee.

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The PIF Working Group's activities are supported by: ARPA, NSF, Corporate Sponsors of the MIT Center for Coordination Science, Sponsors and Organizations of the PIF Working Group Members.

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