PIF(Process Interchange Format) Goals

The goal of the PIF Project is to develop an interchange format to help automatically exchange process descriptions among a wide variety of business process modeling and support systems such as workflow software, flow charting tools, process simulation systems, and process repositories.

Instead of having to write ad hoc translators for each pair of such systems, each system will only need to have a single translator for converting process descriptions in that system into and out of the common PIF format. Then any system will be able to automatically exchange basic process descriptions with any other system.

The PIF project aims to support sharing process descriptions such a way that that they can be automatically translated back and forth between PIF and other process representations with as little loss of meaning as possible. If translation cannot be done fully automatically, the human efforts needed to assist the translation should be minimized. If a translator cannot translate part of a PIF process description to its target format, it will:

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