The MIT Process Handbook Project

The goal of the MIT Process Handbook Project is to develop rich online libraries for sharing and managing many kinds of knowledge about business. For example, these libraries can help find interesting case examples, generate innovative ideas about new business possibilities, and develop new computer programs.

Starting in 1991, we have developed one such library. We call it the Process Handbook--an extensive online knowledge base including entries for over 5000 business activities and a set of software tools for managing this knowledge.

See the Process Handbook online

We believe the current version of the Process Handbook demonstrates the feasibility and promise of this approach. But much work remains to be done to fulfill its potential. We invite you to participate in this work through the

Open Process Handbook Initiative.

For more information about the Process Handbook, see the following book (selected chapters available online):

Organizing Business Knowledge: The MIT Process Handbook


Support for this work comes from the MIT Center for Coordination Science and the Center for eBusiness@MIT. Thanks are due to a large number of people and sponsors who have contributed to this project. If you are interested in sponsoring our work, contact John Quimby.

This repository uses the Phios Process Repository software, courtesy of Phios Corporation. This software product is based upon research done in the MIT Process Handbook Project, and was developed by Phios under an exclusive license from MIT.


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