OPHI Licensing Working Group

The Licensing Working Group of the Open Process Handbook Initiative (OPHI) will work with a variety of interested parties to propose terms for an OPHI license agreement and eventually to develop detailed contract language. A primary goal of the group is to develop a licensing structure that will encourage a large community of people to use the Process Handbook and contribute to its development. The eventual license will also need to be acceptable to the current license holder, Phios Corporation, since Phios must agree to its terms.

Two other goals for the license are desirable, though not essential:


The group has created the following documents:

A discussion group at Creative Commons has been formed to continue developing these ideas into an actual license. We encourage you to participate in this discussion group.


Current members of this Working Group:

Marsall Van Alstyne (co-chair), Thomas Malone (co-chair), Brian Subirana.

Draft terms are available for comments. To participate in this group or to make any other comments, email: Marshall Van Alstyne.