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The Society for Organizational Learning, is a global learning community dedicated to building knowledge about fundamental institutional change through integrating:
  • Research (disciplined pursuit of discovery and understanding);
  • Capacity Building (developing new individual and collective capabilities); and
  • Practice (the application of concepts and tools in pursuit of specific ends)

Its purpose is to discover, integrate, and implement theories and practices for the interdependent development of people and their institutions.

Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, University of Edinburgh
The Global Business Network
Global Business Network is a unique membership organization specializing in scenario thinking and collaborative learning about the future.
The Stanford Learning Organization Web (SLOW)
SLOW a network of Stanford researchers, staff, and students interested in the nature and development of learning organizations.
Companies Unlimited
A research project at the Norwegian School of Management. Its goal is to determine the effects of implementation of new IT systems on various kinds of company networks and the individual companies.
ISWorld Net
provides information management scholars and practitioners with a single entry point to resources related to information systems technology and promote the development of an international information infrastructure that will dramatically improve the world's ability to use information systems for creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge.


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