The Process Interchange Format Project

The Process Interchange Format Project, (PIF)

Critical in Business Process Reengineering or Enterprise Integration is the ability to share and interlink heterogeneous process models. The goal of the PIF (Process Interchange Format) project is to support the exchange of business process models across different formats and schemas. The project pursues this goal by developing PIF (a common translation language that serves as a bridge among heterogeneous process representations), local translators between PIF and local process representations, and a mechanism for extending PIF to accommodate different expressive needs in a modular way (Partially Shared View).

More details can be found in in the interactive HTML version of CCS Working Paper #180, The PIF Process Interchange Format and Framework

The PIF project aims to support translations such that:

The syntax of PIF adopts that of KIF (Knowledge Interchange Format), see (Genesereth & Fikes, 1992 (Available as a Postcript file via anonymous ftp from KIF is a language that has been developed by the Interlingua Working Group, under the ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) Knowledge Sharing Initiative (Neches et al., 1991), to facilitate knowledge sharing.

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