OPHI Content Working Group

The purpose of the Content Working Group is to develop use cases for the business knowledge being developed by the initiative and a content control policy that will support these use cases. While the work of controlling software and content is being split into two working groups at first, the control policy should be an integrated one.

Our current content control policy is multi-faceted. The proposed license requires all users of the software or content who do not pay the license fee to make public any new content they develop.

We expect to use at least the following two methods for managing this process:

(1) The first method is to have a Directory Page that will have links to email addresses and/or home pages for each of these users with a paragraph describing the area of content being developed. Users will be required (by the license agreement) to create an entry here when they begin making any changes or additions to the Process Handbook content. This will enable the quickest dissemination of new content by interested parties contacting the authors directly or reviewing entries at their site.

(2) The second method is for users who want to have their content included in the centrally maintained version of the Process Handbook to send copies of their content to a “registered reviewer.” Registered reviewers will develop more detailed processes in the future for (a) selecting (and editing) submitted contributions for inclusion in the centrally maintained knowledge base, and (b) selecting new registered reviewers. Contributions can be submitted to registered reviewers in a variety of formats, depending upon how much the users have also modified the software and content. These entries may be entered in whole or in part with links to the author’s site in some cases.

We are also considering other possibilities and welcome more discussion on these or other options.

Current members of this Working Group:

George Herman (co-chair), Jintae Lee (co-chair), Abraham Bernstein, Benjamin Grosof.

The attached draft documents show the evolution of our thinking on content use cases and the control policy. Your comments on these are welcomed. In addition, there is a draft of authoring guidelines that may help a user develop content that will meet the standards of the editorial review board. To participate in this group or to make suggestions, please email: George Herman.


Draft of content use cases

Draft of control policy.

Draft of authoring guidelines.