Wanda J. Orlikowski

MIT Sloan School
100 Main Street (E62-418)
Cambridge, MA 02142


Wanda J. Orlikowski is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Information Technologies and Organization Studies at MIT's Sloan School of Management. She received her Ph.D. from New York University. Her research examines technologies in the workplace, with a particular focus on the ongoing relations among technologies, organizing structures, cultural norms, control mechanisms, communication, and work practices. She is currently exploring sociomaterial practices in social media.

Dr. Orlikowski has served as a senior editor for Organization Science, and currently serves on the editorial boards of Information and Organization, Information Technology & People, and Organization Science. She is a member of the Academy of Management, the Association of Computing Machinery, the Institute of Management Science, the Society of Information Management, and the Society for Organizational Learning.

Selected Publications

“The Autonomy Paradox: The Implications of Wireless Email Devices for Knowledge Professionals,” [with Melissa Mazmanian and JoAnne Yates], Organization Science, 24, 5, 2013: 1337-1357.

“Temporal Work in Strategy Making,” [with Sarah Kaplan]. Organization Science, 24, 4, 2013: 965-995.

“Boundary Relations: Technological Objects and the Restructuring of Workplace Boundaries,” [with Michael Barrett, Eivor Oborn, and JoAnne Yates]. Organization Science, 23, 5, 2012: 1448-1466.

“Reconfiguring Relations of Accountability: Materialization of Social Media in the Travel Sector,” [with Susan V. Scott], Accounting, Organizations, and Society, 37, 1, 2012: 26-40.

“Theorizing Practice and Practicing Theory,” [with Martha Feldman]. Organization Science, 22, 5, 2011: 1240-1253.

“Understanding Shifting Power Relations within and across Fields of Practice: A Critical Genre Analysis,” [with Natalia Levina], Academy of Management Journal. 52, 4, 2009: 672-703.

“Sociomateriality: Challenging the Separation of Technology, Work and Organization,” [with Susan V. Scott], Annals of the Academy of Management, 2, 1, 2008: 433-474.

"Sociomaterial Practices: Exploring Technology at Work," Organization Studies , 28, 2007: 1435-1448.

"Life in the Trading Zone: Structuring Coordination across Boundaries in Post-Bureaucratic Organizations," [with Katherine Kellogg and JoAnne Yates], Organization Science , 17, 1, 2006: 22-44.

"A Practice Perspective on Technology-Mediated Network Relations: The Use of Internet-based Self-Serve Technologies," [with Ulrike Schultze], Information Systems Research, 15, 1, 2004: 87-106.

“It’s About Time: Temporal Structuring in Organizations,” [with JoAnne Yates]. Organization Science. 13, 6, 2002: 684-700.

"Knowing in Practice: Enacting a Collective Capability in Distributed Organizing," Organization Science, 13, 4, 2002: 249-273.

“Desperately Seeking the ‘IT’ in IT Research: A Call to Theorizing the IT Artifact,” [with C. Suzanne Iacono].  Information Systems Research, 12, 2, 2001: 121-134.

“Using Technology and Constituting Structures: A Practice Lens for Studying Technology in Organizations.” Organization Science, 11, 4, 2000: 404-428.

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